RPC Music Server


RPC Music Server is for controlling volumes and a music player from the lan using a browser. Currently only Amarok over a DBus connection and alsa are supported.

RPC Music Server's source is hosted on github. You can get the source using git form the shell as follows:

$ git clone git://github.com/pejic/RPC-Music-Server.git
RPC Music Server screenshot on iOS.


The server is run manually from the command line (in the X11 session with your music player) as follows:

$ rpcmusic_install_dir/rpcMusicServer.pl

Now point your browser to http://localhost:8222/ to control your volume and music. If you would like to run the server as a daemon just add the '-d' flag as follows:

$ rpcmusic_install_dir/rpcMusicServer.pl -d



The default style is set in rpcMusic.html by setting all stylesheets as alternate except the default one. The styles are purely controlled via CSS, so it should be fairly easy to make changes to existing ones or make your own from scratch.


The mixer configuration file is located at ~/.rpcmusic.conf. The configuration format is similar to the apache configuration format. Each mixer's configuration looks as follows:


MIXERNAME is the display name of the mixer (anything you like). CARD_NUMBER is the integer corresponding to the alsa card (e.g. 0). CARD_MIXER is the alsa mixer name (e.g. Master). You may have multiple Mixer lines, and RPC Music Server will average across them.

For a sample configuration see sampleconfig.conf.


The default port is 8222 and can be configured in ~/.rpcmusic.conf which uses the apache config syntax. The port is configured using the Port directive:

Port	8222

See sampleconfig.conf for a sample configuration file.

Known Issues and Limitiations

  • A fairly recent browser is required to support the styles properly.
  • The DBus server must be running prior to running the rpcMusicServer.pl.