Rotary Progress

SPRotaryProgress is an iOS view that displays a progress in a circular area. It is an alternative to iOS SDK's progress bar where a square shape fits better.

SPRotaryProgress's source is hosted on github. To get the source run the following from a shell:

$ git clone git://
Screenshot of SPRotaryProgress's demo at 15%. Screenshot of SPRotaryProgress's demo at 62%.


Copy SPProgressView.h, SPProgressView.m, SPProgressLayer.h, SPProgressView.h to your project. Add QuartzCore to your target's frameworks.

You can either create the view programatically or with Interface Builder. With interface builder, drag a new view ("NewView") into an existing view. Select NewView and change it's class to SPProgressView using the identity inspector (one of the tabs on the right).

You can set the color of the control by assigning UIColors to SPProgressView's fillColor, strokeColor, and textColor properties. The percentage is optional, and can be disabled via the showPercent property.


  • iOS SDK (Tested on iOS 5.0 and iOS 4.2)