About this Site

I'm Slobodan Pejic, a software developer by profession and science lover the rest of the time. This site catalogs my projects, software and more. Some projects will only be of interest to programmers, and some are for everyone. Articles and how-to's will appear here as well.

About Me

Portrait image of Slobodan

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and currently live in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Carl Sagan's book Cosmos was influential in my childhood, supporting an interest in science and learning. Having disassembled almost every toy I was given, programming provided a less destructive outlet for learning about the mechanisms by which machines work.

Image of an Apple IIe computer with the keyboard, monitor and disk

My dad exposed me to programming on the Apple IIe's BASIC interpreter. My interest in computers grew: The web fascinated me in my junior high days, and I started learning HTML, JavaScript, and Perl from online tutorials. Wanting more, I put my hopes into the high school computer classes; however, the elementary material was a bore, and refocusing on mathematics and the sciences pushed me to post-secondary.

Over many years I have enjoyed using Debian GNU/Linux. Debian has provided me with essential tools to develop programs freely: I admire GCC, the C compiler, for enabling me and for upholding the principles of libre software. I hope my contributions to libre software grow large starting with my dice app, Easy Dice.

University finally provided a challenging and though-provoking environment to develop my technical skills and think about the eternal questions of life. The freedom to explore ideas in my own directions and exchange thoughts with intellectuals was satisfying. I enjoyed classes on algorithms, numerical methods, computer architecture, and compilers. An NSERC USRA scholarship presented the world of research and hands-on compiler development leading to contributions to llvm. On the philosophical side, a course on epistomology drew me deeper into question regarding what I really know, solidfying a healthy questioning of all claims to knowledge. This skepticism has advanced my understanding in academics and daily life.

After completing my computing science degree at the University of Alberta in 2010, I set my sights on mobile apps. I partnered with an artist as Pure Ego to develop games. In 2011 Pure Ego released Lone Hawk, it's first title for iOS. Then at Fission Media, I developed high quality iOS apps. Now at Showbie, I am developing Showbie's iPad app, developing new features in the backend.