Easy Dice D30

Easy Dice on Android now has a 30 sided die.


Easy Dice Many Sets

Easy Dice now supports keeping multiple sets of dice. You can now keep a particular set of rolls for later and simply swipe between them.


Apps: Easy Dice and Summation

Easy Dice the RPG dice rolling app is now available for Android and is iPhone 5 compatible. Summation offers a simple summable list.


Linux Mirroring Recovery Article

A hard drive failure makes Linux raid uncoperative. Physically removing the drive makes it difficult to remove it from the raid array. However no data is lost after learning the appropriate raid tool commands. Detailed are the steps and command to get the system to a redundant state again. Read more about Linux Mirroring Recovery.


Rotary Progress for iOS

I've made a rotary progress indicator for iOS. The inidicator can work where a square shape suits the design better than a horizontal shape such as UIProgressView.


iOS Communication Article

I've added an article, iOS Device Communication, with an overview of the different methods of communication between an iOS app and external devices.


Ex Nihilo

This website was created to index my software projects.

If you are an iOS developer you might be interested in a control imitating a rotary switch. Or perhaps you want to control Amarok from your browser.